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31 Days of Fitness

For the month of December on the Beachbody blog, they are posting the 31 Days of Fitness.  

Yesterday, Day 1 was “Have a Bite Before You Head Out.”  (Check it out here.)

I can’t agree with this more.  As someone who goes out to eat regularly, (nearly every Tuesday), this is one of the most important tips to follow.  Eating out is not only difficult with a dietary restriction, I also just feel yucky after eating out.  I generally eat too much (mostly because I was raised to always clear my plate), and I never quite know if I’m going to end up with a reaction to the food.  Because of this, I recently decided to eat at home prior to going out.  This way, I know exactly what I’m eating, I control the portions, and money saving is pretty nice bonus.

Today, Day 2, is “Keep Holiday Celebrations to One Day.”

Meaning, for me, Christmas doesn’t mean a week without exercising.  It means more like, indulge a little more on sweets or take the ONE day off from your exercise routine.  But get back on the train the next day.  Because multiple days in a row of skipping your training makes it so much harder to get back on track.  This is exactly why I started my exercise routine at the beginning of November, because I needed to have my routine established by the time the holidays rolled around.  Otherwise I would have gained that extra pound and a half (yeah, that’s the average weight gain during the holidays, just a pound and a half.  But it’s the continuation of the poor eating habits and lack of exercise past the holidays that contributes to continued weight gain.)


What are you doing to avoid that extra pound and a half this holiday season?


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