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31 Days of Fitness Tips

I decided to look through the Beachbody 31 Days of Fitness again, as the month is half over, (whaaat) and I wanted to see what other tips they had!

Probably my favorite, and one of the most relevant, not just now, but in general, is from day 17.  Turn Mindless Munching to Your Advantage.  It has been well studied to show that we eat more while watching TV (and even more during commercials that are food related!).  So why not munch on foods that are good for you, if you’re going to be mindlessly eating!

Beachbody suggests filling your bowl up with carrots, broccoli, or other high-fiber, nutrient dense foods.  Try foods you might normally avoid, because let’s be honest, after awhile, mindlessly munching means you don’t even really taste the food you’re eating.  You’re just eating.

It’s important to note here, that veggies are the ideal over fruits.  YES, fruits are good, but in moderation.  Fruits are nature’s candy!  Sugar content in fruits can be quite high, and while it’s natural sugar, you still don’t want to eat too much of it.


So what’s your go-to snack for when you’re watching TV and mindlessly munching?  I am a big fan of carrots and cucumbers myself. If your go-to choice is on the not-so-healthy side, what do you think you’ll try?


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