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I can’t believe it.  Time flies by so quickly.  Two months ago, I committed to a new workout plan, and I started this blog to help document my health journey!  Two months doesn’t seem like that long, looking back.  But I remember when I printed out the workout schedule, I thought it was going to be the longest two months ever.  

I’m so glad I did this workout plan.  I feel pretty great, honestly.  My energy levels are way up, especially considering it’s winter!  And I have definitely established a rhythm.  I naturally wake up at 5:30 in the mornings (even on mornings when I don’t have to!) and am ready to get my day started.  Some days of course are easier than others… but I’m amazed at how quickly I was able to establish a habit.

Before you think everything was all hunky-dory for these 60 days, I will say that I didn’t follow the schedule to a T the whole time.  There was a Wednesday when I couldn’t fathom doing a second workout.  I had felt sick, and decided rest was a better idea than another workout.  This is probably one of the most important things to learn in your journey to healthy living.  You have to learn when your body needs rest – it’s a feeling that only you will know.  Of course, there are days when you aren’t motivated and feeling tired, but that’s a lot different than feeling exhausted and in need of sleep.  It’s a fine balance, and you have to learn how to take care of your body.  I mean, I can’t count how many days I looked the schedule, and thought, “it’s okay if I skip this one, right? …. right?  ….. *sigh*  No.  I can do it.”  And as Chalene says, “think about how you’ll feel once the workout is done, and it’ll all be worth it!”

This time, I am determined to keep this momentum going.  For the next two months, I am starting a new Beachbody program!  I am SUPER excited for it – it’s called The Master’s Hammer and Chisel.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year (and has been every year) is to have sculpted arms.  I’m not looking to be like a bodybuilder or anything, but I have always wanted to have muscle definition in my arms.  This program, without a doubt, is going to make a difference.  I am planning on posting pictures of progress here too!  Maybe I’ll finally get a free Beachbody shirt for completing a program!

However, important thing to say about muscle definition – if you are trying to get a sculpted and lean body, “they” (whoever they are) say “Exercise is an eraser, but food is a chisel.”  Food is super important!  This program has a strong emphasis on the food that you eat as well.

In addition to this new Beachbody program, I am also planning on following another yoga program.  One of the blogs that has made a huge difference for my fitness is Yoga By Candace.  I came across a video of hers on Pinterest, and have become an avid follower.  I’ve been meaning to do one of her 30 day programs, and figured no better time than January!  I will be following the 30 day program for tight hips, and hopefully will be documenting my progress here on that too!  WIsh me luck!

And here’s a photo of what I had been working toward the whole time, the printed schedule completely crossed out!  It felt so rewarding to cross every one of these days off!!


Do any of you have any fitness goals/resolutions this year?  Tell me about them, and we’ll work together on achieving them!  I love to have others to hold me accountable, it always makes a huge difference in my results.  I can’t wait to hear what you’ll be up to!


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