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Let’s Go!

I started The Masters Hammer and Chisel officially yesterday.  And my first reaction – OUCH.  I haven’t been this sore since I decided to row at the Head of the Charles earlier this year, after not having been in a boat for 5 years.

The first day, I noticed that this program is going to be a big mental challenge.  I am working (almost) alone on this program, and it’s hard to stay motivated through the workout when it burns as much as these workouts do.  But, I will say that the trainers are pretty good at engaging with the cameras, so it sorta feels like they’re in my face for real, not just on the screen.  I also noticed that Autumn likes to yell, “Let’s GO!” a lot.  I like to think it’s because she can see that my face is contorted and I’m in pain, ready to give up, and she says, right on cue, “don’t even think about stopping.  Let’s GO.”

This program is going to kick my butt, and I knew it going in.  I just didn’t realize how much it was going to hurt!  But, don’t take this as a complaint.  I love it.  I am one of those people who enjoys the soreness, because I know I’m working hard and I’ll get results.  Thankfully, I have some essential oil blends that help with muscle soreness, which are indispensable at the moment.  Wintergreen oil is the first ingredient in this blend – if you can’t find a good soothing blend for your muscles, I would recommend wintergreen, diluted with a carrier oil like coconut or avocado oil.  It makes for a great massage!

The yoga program is in full swing too, which has been really nice.  I exercise hard in the morning, and have yoga in the afternoon/evening to help stretch out.  Physically, my body is getting worked, and I love it!

In other news, I will be seeing a dietitian for the first time on Thursday.  I’m also really looking forward to this meeting, because I know I need some help here.  I will go into further details about this probably later this week, once I have learned what I’ll be doing to fix the problems.  This meeting is helping me to meet one of my goals for the new year already!  Hit the ground running, right?

Have you taken any steps yet towards your New Years goals?  When setting goals, make sure you also know what small baby steps you can take to reach those big goals.  That way, you can actually achieve the big goal, instead of just staring at your list of goals all year, wondering why you never seem to keep any of your resolutions.


Let me know how you’re reaching your goals!  I’d love to hear from you!  Leave a comment below and tell me what your plan is for the new year!


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