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Sugar Free Update

So it’s been what, four weeks now?  Five?  that I’ve been sugar free.  And I have to say, I am kind of amazed at the changes I’ve noticed.

First, I have to say – I still have sugar cravings.  They really don’t go away.  When I smell cookies or sweet stuff baking, my mouth waters.  However, I crave the sugary stuff when I smell it, not ALL THE TIME like I did when I first started.

As for the changes I’ve noticed – post nasal drip is gone.  Which means the tonsil stones are (mostly) gone too, so my breath has gotten better (at least, I hope it has).  I’m not quite as bloated all the time, but sometimes I just eat too much.  Still need to work on portion control some days.  However, the biggest change has been in my taste buds.  There was one day that I was having an apple and roasted almonds.  I have always enjoyed almonds, but suddenly, I felt like I could really taste them.  They are so much more rich and yummy.  Some of you may have seen that I won a Vitamix blender, and made my own almond butter.  Talk about HEAVEN in a jar.  I added a tiny bit of coconut oil to it to help it blend, and wow.  Just wow.  I had some with an apple today, and hoped it would never end.

I met with my dietitian and told her about all these things earlier this week, and she sounded as happy as me!  It was pretty great to have someone affirm all these things.  Especially the sense of taste.  She said something along the lines of “eating so much sugar all the time, it dulls our taste buds to the natural sugars we find in raw foods.”  Ain’t that the truth!

I was also given the go-ahead to try to add some sugar back into my diet.  And I have a tiny bit.  I had some dried cherries the other day, and a kinda cool new ice cream last night.  This ice cream is dairy free, and only 35 calories per serving.  Meaning only 150 calories for the whole pint!  But honestly, going without sugar has become more routine.  That ice cream was a special treat – after just a couple of bites, I didn’t really want anymore.

I am seriously amazed that I have joined the ranks of all the bloggers and such out there who said these same things. Giving up sugar has made a huge difference in my palate, and I actually enjoy it.  I don’t want sugar all the time anymore.

Of course I’m going to suggest you give a try, but know it means that you’ll have to do a little more work in the kitchen.  But it’s well worth it if you have the time.  I hope that some of the things I have posted can be helpful, if you decide to take the plunge!



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