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Essential Oils + Running

As you know from my first post, I started using essential oils because I was looking for natural remedies for my acne.  But the more I learned about the oils, the more I found I could incorporate them into more of my daily life.  As I began to develop my fitness routine, I began to add the oils into my pre and post running practice.

So I don’t know about any of you, but I find that when I go out running, my nose suddenly gets stuffed up, especially in the winter.  It’s incredibly frustrating, because it makes it so hard to breathe!  I end up breathing through my mouth, and then my throat gets dry of phlegm-y… it’s a struggle.  To preemptively avoid this problem, I use a respiratory blend that has several oils in it, but most importantly, it has peppermint.  I rub the oil on my chest and under my nose before I leave, and it keeps my nose clear so I can breathe throughout the run.  I also have some lozenges that have this same oil in it, and if I’m out for a longer run, and the effects of the oil have worn off, I will pop one of them in my mouth to help alleviate the stuffy nose.

Also, before I leave the house, I use lemongrass or basil oil on my calves.  My calves always end up really tight when I run, and either of these oils are good at increasing blood flow to the area where it is applied, which can help alleviate the tightness in the muscle.  I try to take care of these problems before they actually become problems.  I’ve posted about it before – no one likes Charlie horses.

Occasionally, before I go out running, if I have planned a longer distance run, I will take a supplement developed by the essential oil company I buy from.  This supplement is a natural energy supplement that works on the cellular level.  It gives me a noticeable boost in energy, but not like I’ve just had a Red Bull.  What I like most about it, is that unlike a sugar filled caffeine drink, there’s no crash after taking it.  I can take it in the afternoon, and not have trouble going to sleep at night.

After running, I always use a muscle soothing blend to help combat soreness, again, before I get sore.  I focus on my shins, as I have trouble with shin splints after longer runs, and on my lower back.  The muscles in my lower back are always tight, which pulls on my hamstrings and hip flexors.  Keeping my core strong, and lower back muscles loose is vital for me to be able to walk properly!  I pulled a hip flexor in college and limped around for a couple weeks, and struggled to put pants on.  I never want to deal with that again!

Finally, of course I’m super sweaty and yucky after a good run, and need a shower.  To help relax, I like to put a couple of drops of lavender oil on the floor of the shower, out of the direct path of the water.  The aroma fills the bathroom with the most lovely smell, and it helps calm me down and unwind.

Anyone out there like to use essential oils in their fitness routine?  What do you use?  Any other natural supplements you can suggest?



For anyone interested in learning more about essential oils and how you can purchase them, please reach out to me at!



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