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As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m actually out of town for the week! While I’ve been looking forward to this trip for the past three months or so, I’ve also been stressed thinking about food. It’s really hard to travel while gluten free. Not all restaurants have options, and some that do, cross contamination is always a risk. Thankfully, so many hotels come with mini-fridges, so with a little preparation at home and a small grocery shopping trip, it’s a lot easier to keep to my dietary restrictions. Equally as important to me as maintaining my dietary restrictions is saving money. By buying food at the grocery store, I am sure that we saved probably $200 for breakfasts and lunches for six days.

What I’m doing for breakfast is actually pretty easy – I made oatmeal packets at home with gluten free oatmeal, whey protein and cinnamon. I brought a mason jar with me, and bought blueberries, almond butter, almond milk and yogurt at the grocery store, and so each night I can make a jar for the next day! I recently bought the whey protein and am trying to incorporate it into my breakfasts (and not just smoothies). Protein and fiber help you feel full and STAY full. And whey protein is the best choice post exercise to help rebuild muscle.


Remember how I said I wanted to go running?  This is from my first run, enjoying the overnight oats after finishing the run!

For lunches this week, I got some carrots and hummus, pretzels, rice cakes and nitrate-free lunch meat, and some babybel cheese! I also got apples for a mid afternoon snack (probably to be enjoyed with almond butter).

As for dinner, well, I’m willing to take risks on one meal per day.

How about you out there? How do you maintain your dietary restrictions when traveling?


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