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Running Group Update

Hey there friends! So it’s been a crazy month / six weeks. Starting the new job, moving and joining the running group has made for a kind of ridiculous schedule. Thankfully though, things are starting to calm down and I’m settling into a new version of a normal schedule.

The running group has definitely been the best thing I decided to do this year. I have met some awesome people, and it’s so wonderful to have a group of people who share your passion to exercise with. And despite my initial hesitation, I actually enjoy running without headphones, even if I don’t have someone to run with (though it’s much better when you have someone to talk to).

The group after a tough hill HIIT workout 

This morning, I ran the longest distance I’ve ever done before, at 7 miles and some change!! Currently, my legs feel a bit like jello and cement, and my feet are a bit swollen, but I feel awesome and really proud of myself! Each week I’ve had a big breakthrough in my ability – last week, I actually had to complete the run (6.5 miles) in the rain. Which I hate. By myself. And by the end of the run, I actually enjoyed it. (Probably because it was sprinkling and I was under cover most of the time.) It helped that I was able to listen to the Orioles game while I was out 😉

Next Saturday is the 10k race, and I am so excited! I am crossing off a resolution / goal from my list in 2014, so next up is my goal for this year. Once this race is finished, I’m actually going to start training for a 12 mile race, and then get ready for the half marathon in October. Plus I have a couple of 5ks that I’ve signed up for too. Seems all my money is going to go toward race entry fees!

Someone please tell me how / when it happened that I became a runner. Because I still don’t quite know.

One of the only ways I’ve been able to handle the mileage increases and tough workouts has been using essential oils. Every Wednesday has been tough track workouts, and when I come home, I shower and use lavender essential oil. If you put a drop or two out of direct spray of the shower, it fills the room with the scent and helps you to relax before going to bed. I also use a soothing blend on my calves if I’m feeling especially sore. Without that soothing blend rub, I am pretty sure I would be in misery. Even with it, I still wake up to Charlie horses every once in awhile.

Speaking of the soothing blend lotion, I’m actually doing a giveaway on my Instagram account! I wanted to thank everyone, as I reached 300 followers! Go check out kirstencooper10 on Instagram and enter! I’ll be giving away some of my favorite things, including some soothing blend rub and peanut butter! Go follow me there, and comment on the photo that says 300 followers to enter the giveaway! Good luck!


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