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I did it!

I did it!!  I finished my first 10k race!!


I could have done this without the support of my running group.  While I do have good self discipline and self control, training for this run, I knew I needed the accountability of a group.

Race day was well… let’s say that for my next race day, I won’t start the day the same way again.

Thank goodness I took this photo the night before!
My roommate and I had our housewarming party the night before the race.  Whoops.  Couldn’t really be avoided planning wise, so I figured I’d just go to bed early, even if people were still here for the party.  I set programmed my alarm clock for 5:10 am, to be on the road at 5:30, and at the course at 6:00.  The race was scheduled to start at 7:00.  Turns out, I actually forgot to turn the alarm on. Double whoops.  My saving grace was my phone.  I had the event programmed in my phone, and it went off at 6:00 and woke me up.  I bolted up, and got ready in five minutes.  Of course, that includes me putting my first contact in the wrong eye.  Then putting that contact in backwards. I drove as quickly and safely as possibly, and searched for my training group friends.  I luckily found them, we snapped a picture, and lined up!


Running the race was actually not nearly as bad as I had thought before the training group started.  I actually found someone who was running at a good pace for me, and ran with her.  However, at about the halfway point, we got separated, and I sped up.  (Looking back, I wish I had pushed ahead a little sooner, only because I think I could have finished under an hour.)  Otherwise though, I think it was great!!  I felt awesome once the race was done!

Can we take a moment and admire the awesome shoes?!

Now I know it wasn’t the ideal way to start the day, rushed and about an hour behind schedule – I know what I should do for next time!


Speaking of next time!  I’ve modified my plan a little bit.  Instead of starting training for the half marathon, I’m going to start training for a local 12-miler race instead.  This 12-miler is in September, and the half in October.  I’ve wanted to do this 12-miler race, and I’ll get to work with the same coach and some of the same people from the group!  (It was an easy choice to make!)  Since the half is in October, I’ll just keep training after the 12-miler to prepare for the half.  No problem at all!  And you know what, after doing this run with the training group, I actually believe it won’t be problem!



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