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So…. tired….

Lately I’ve run into a pattern that basically amounts to me being too busy for my own good.  Unfortunately, my priorities are a little out of line and sleep seems to be what takes the brunt of the problem.  I don’t really want to admit how little sleep I’ve gotten over the past month because I know how bad it is.  Let’s just say I tend to see the later parts of the night and double digits on the clock more often than not.  (Thankfully though, I don’t see the single digits before going to sleep.)

Now I know I’m not setting the best example by staying up late and getting little sleep on the regular, but I know that there are some nights that it’s hard to avoid.  Sleep is one of the pillars of good health! But like I said, there are nights when you stay out too late with friends, or you’re up late doing homework, or whatever it might be (like practicing mandolin, probably not the best to do in the wee hours of the night…) and when that happens, here’s a couple tricks that can help you save a little time in the morning!

I know I’ve mentioned the supplements I take numerous times – and usually I use them in conjunction with exercise.  But there are some mornings that I use the energy boosting supplement when I know I need a kick in the rear to get moving.  I just add it to the supplements I take daily, and it gives me a noticeable boost.  And the best part – there’s no caffeine crash!

If you want to learn more about the supplements I take or the essential oils brand I use, please feel free to reach out to me at!

Also, because lately I have been running behind, I actually make breakfast to take with me in the car!  This tip is one that you have to plan a little ahead – if you’re like me, and you know that you’re going to be running late, or you know you want to save some time, try making overnight oats. I make 5 jars on Sunday night and they’re ready for me all week!  I posted about them before when I was in Florida, and seriously, they’re a life saver.  I add blueberries to them and some granola or cereal and walk out the door.  I tend to eat them in the car, but you could easily grab them and eat them when you get to wherever it is you’re going!

I am also a huge believer in the no-poo method.  I tend to wash my hair once, maybe twice a week, depending on how gross my hair gets after a workout!  I know this isn’t necessarily for everyone – not everyone has the crazy amount of hair that I do.  But even going one day in between washings saves time!!  Not washing and drying my hair saves like 30-45 minutes.  Please don’t judge me for how long it takes!!  Our hair dresser likes to say to my mom that she has gallons of hair.  I definitely inherited that trait.  Now I understand why girls use the excuse of “sorry, I’m washing my hair that night” because it takes FOREVER. So on the rushed mornings, instead of washing, I use dry shampoo or baby powder!  It absorbs the oil and brings back the volume I lost while sleeping.  And the best part, unwashed hair styles so much more easily, so I can do fun braids and stuff with my hair, and people compliment my hair!  Little do they know it’s unwashed!

And of course, if you had a late night and are slow moving in the morning, the afternoon after lunch drag is like, 10 times worse than usual.  For moments like those, I get a little boost from orange and peppermint oil.  One drop in each hand, rub it together and breathe it in deep.  Nothing else really wakes you up that quickly and that … refreshingly.  (Is that a word?)  But seriously, it helps open up your nose and brighten your mood.  Definitely has saved me from bobbing my head at my desk on a slow afternoon!!


What do you do to help wake yourself up?  Or save time in the mornings on days when you have to force yourself out of bed?  I’m definitely all ears – I could use some more tips based on the schedule I seem to keep!


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