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So I was surfing Pinterest this morning, a now typical-Saturday habit while I eat breakfast, and came across an article someone had pinned, 7 Things People Don’t Tell You About Exercise (or something like that). Well, I took the bait and read the post and realized there’s one point that really stands out for me.

5. Problems Will Still Exist

I will admit that I thought that once I went through the sugar detox and found out how to maintain being gluten free, and be happy with it, that health problems would just go away, because I had “fixed” them. I had this idea in my head that there would be an “after” photo type of experience. The blatant truth is that the problems haven’t just gone away. Some problems went away, some new ones have come up… But I’m learning more and more about what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I think I was a little caught up in the dieting cycle – the “if I do this for a little while, I can just go back to what I was doing before, and everything will be fine.” Yeah, I know, I know. I’ve always known, but I guess only recently has it truly sunken in, that a healthy lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle, not just a two month change. Learning to practice what I preach.

What this means is that my sugar free diet is no longer just a one month detox, but a more permanent fix. I added some sugar back in, and found the problems I was suffering before have come back even worse than before, and with even less sugar than I used to eat before.

I also have decided to make meeting with a nutritionist/dietician a more steady practice. With the amount of exercise I do, I want to be sure that what I’m eating will keep me healthy. I am very lucky that where I work, there is a huge emphasis on well-being, and there is a nutritionist that I can meet with while at work. Don’t worry, I’ll do all I can to relay tips and ideas here! I know not everyone has access like that, or can afford to see a dietician all the time, so I hope I can help a little by providing some helpful information!

I assume if you’re reading this, you’re on a path toward healthy living too! What are some tips you have to maintain a healthy diet?


1 thought on “Problems”

  1. For the longest time I disliked the word “diet” but couldn’t figure out the real reason until recently. It’s because it implies that there is a time limit. Now I view eating just like any other decision in life – what will the result be of my choice? That doesn’t always mean I make the healthiest choice every time, but I no longer stress about it because I know I that it doesn’t mean I fail (and we all know that stress has the opposite effect!). Great insight! Sometimes we get caught up in trying to perfect ourselves because others make it look so easy! Good luck on your journey!


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