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Charles St. 12

Hey friends!! I have no excuses this time around. Sorry for neglecting you!

Earlier this month, I completed the Charles St. 12 race! This race was one of my goals for a very long time – if you had asked me in March if I were to be running it, I would have said, “HA, yeah, right.” I am still kind of amazed I finished it! I had thought about this race for the past two years as a goal race to shoot for and now, I’m so proud of myself for having done it! (And having signed up for next year!)

My goal was to finish under 2 hours and 30 minutes. (Turns out that was a super easy goal.) So when I finished at 2 hours and 6 minutes, I felt AWESOME!


I owe a lot to my running group! A couple of us ran the race together and it felt awesome to cross the finish line with friends. I mean, there were points in the race where it felt EASY. Who knew I would ever feel that way!?


Here’s some of the group, post-run!


It’s also hard to believe that in less than a month now, I will be running my first half marathon race. Just last week, Facebook reminded me that I had run my first 5k 3 years ago (and at that time, it was a major accomplishment to run 3 miles!)

And you know, for about five minutes, due to the runner’s high and excitement at the finish line, my brain started thinking crazy thoughts.

“Maybe a full marathon wouldn’t be so bad…”

Yeah, I crushed that thought pretty quickly. I’m only half crazy. 13 miles is plenty.

Now to find a way to display all these medals I’m getting…


Anyone else running a half marathon coming up?  You ready??


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