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Baltimore Running Festival!

It’s here! Tomorrow is my first half marathon race. I’m kind of in awe that I’ve actually made it this far, and that I can cross off probably my loftiest goal/New Year’s resolution.

My goal is to finish the face under 2:30 – my Charles St. 12 race time was 2:00:05, but this race is supposed to be harder… so I’m hoping that’s a reasonable goal.

Last week, I’ve found that pho is probably the best meal to have the night before a long run – nice salty broth, lots of rice noodles, and super yummy. Just perfect before a race!  So I went out and had it again this week – and I think it’s going to become my favorite pre-race meal.

The more I am racing, the more I am finding out my running rituals.  The night before, I use vetiver and lavender essential oils to help me fall asleep. (and stay asleep because the excitement keeps me awake!) I also take a photo of #FlatKirsten, (check out my Instagram!!) which is my outfit and race bib for the next day.  Pro-tip: this makes it much easier to get ready in the morning. In the mornings, take a natural energy supplement with my breakfast of a gluten-free waffle with nut butter and jelly. Finally, right before the race, I am getting into visualizing the race. They say that visualizing the process helps reach the goals you set. I used to do this before crew racing in college too, and it’s definitely helped me prepare mentally. The toughest challenge for me is always the mental game, so the more I can do to help me better prepare for that, the better.


Post race, I’m all about refueling and relaxing. I’m so looking forward to the bath with lavender essential oil tomorrow afternoon.  Followed by slapping that 13.1 sticker on my car.

Wish me luck!!


Tell me your race rituals!!  I’d love to hear what works for you – goodness knows I could use some more pro-tips!


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