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Am I crazy?

Friends.  I think I might need help.

I apologize for keeping you out of the loop, because I ran two races a couple weeks ago!  I ran my second half marathon, the Rock ‘n’ Roll half in DC, followed by the Baltimore Shamrock 5k the next day.  And I PRed in both races!


The Rock ‘n’ Roll was probably one of my favorite races!  There was a band at every mile performing, which was super fun!  I’m thinking about doing more of these races, but in different places.  There’s one in Nashville and I am hoping on doing it next year!!

File_000 (6)

I CRUSHED my time from the Baltimore half (2:20:44), and felt amazing when the race was over.  Which has translated to my brain telling me, “you can run further, no problem!”  Someone should have me checked out.  My brain is doing silly things again.


The next day, I ran a 5k in Baltimore – this was supposed to be a fun run… but I am much too competitive for a fun run.  I PRed in this race too!

File_000 (5)

My last 5k race was the Trick-Or-Trot in Baltimore, and I finished that one in 29:41.  I’m getting closer to my goal (it’s kind of a secret. I might tell you when I get closer to that time, but that’s a loooooong way off yet).

After both races, I felt pretty awesome, albeit freezing cold.  I think I might be going crazy because I can’t stop thinking about doing a LONGER race than a half marathon.

See, there’s this 20 mile race that is hosted by the local running store, and I’ve been thinking about it even more seriously after finishing the half marathon.  The only thing holding me back is my speed (or lack thereof).  While I’m getting faster, I’m still a little slow.  I would be much more inclined to do a longer race if it didn’t take me all day to finish the darn thing!  And training will take even longer if I want to do a longer distance.

You heard it here first – my shorter term goal: get faster.  Long term goal: prepare for the 20 mile race.  Who knew I would get addicted to this?!  Some pray for my poor feet.


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