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Well… poop.

So I think I’ve come to a breaking point.

After the test results from the doctor said I was totally normal, while I was upset that I didn’t have an answer, I was relieved that everything is “normal” when it comes to hormones. While there might be nothing wrong with my hormones, there is definitely something wrong. Without too many gross details, I pretty much dread every time I have to go to the bathroom, because who knows how long I’ll be stuck there, waiting to go. Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, my stomach could just turn and I’ll end up running for the bathroom, without any idea of why my stomach is so upset.  This usually happens to me after a long run, and it’s horribly uncomfortable.  Imagine being 3 miles into a 5 mile run, and suddenly, you have an urge to go.  Yeah, it’s pretty much the WORST feeling.

The worst part of this for me, is that it’s become a normal excuse for me now, “sorry I’m late, my stomach is causing me trouble.”  I hate that I end up late for things because it’s almost like I’ve lost control of my stomach.
I’ve been denying this for a long time, hoping to find another way to solve the problem, but it looks like I’m down to my last (affordable) choice. I’m going to make an appointment to see a gastrointestinal doctor.  My fear for this is that a doctor will write off the problem prescribe an anti-biotic and send me off on my way.  Seeing as I can’t get ahold the first doctor I’ve tried to reach, maybe that’s a sign that this doctor isn’t the right one.
Before I get to my appointment, I think I’m going to try the IBS diet.  Hopefully that can help alleviate some of these issues in the mean time.  And I’m going to keep a food (and poop) diary.  There’s actually an app that you can use to record all that. AND!  You can have friends!!  Because I mean, if you have poo problems, you want to share all that info with your other friends who have poo problems.
As always, I’ll keep this updated with all the ins and outs of this process.  Learning how to take care of oneself shouldn’t be so hard!!
Anyone else out there have stomach issues like me?  Any advice you can give?  Anything at this point will be helpful, because I’m back at square one after trying goodness knows how many different things over the past two+ years.  Please share!

5 thoughts on “Well… poop.”

  1. I had problems, but figured out that I am lactose and tolerant. Before figuring this out roughly 4 years ago I feel like I was always going. I figured it out just by cutting things out of my diet and seeing how my body reacted.


    1. I’ve tried that… I’ve eliminated dairy, gluten, sugar, did Whole30, and nothing has changed noticeably. *sigh* I can try again – I mean, I hardly eat any dairy anymore, except recently. Worth a try!! 🙂


  2. I have similar issues and have been diagnosed with IBS. It socks! The IBS low FODMAP diet will hopefully help. I so don’t know all my triggers. 😢What app are you using? Dr Ekta Gupta is the gastroenterolgist that I see. She’s Hopkins affiliated and her offices are in Columbia.


    1. Yeah, I’m going to try the low FODMAP stuff and see if it makes a difference – I’ll have to meal prep for it for next week. 🙂 and thank you for your doctor’s name – You’re the second to recommend a doctor – which to me means more people suffer these issues along with me than I had originally thought!


  3. I have ibs and let me tell you everyone will try to tell you how to manage. I have found that mine changes between constipation and diarrhea allllll the time…… if you want to talk more about it let me know we can try to meet up!!!!
    I don’t know how far you are from annapolis but I love my gastroenterologist dr simcox!!! Good luck and remember no one else knows what will work for your body……!!!!!


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