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I got my first CSA share this week! I am super excited about having this all summer and fall!! This week, in my share, I got: 1 head of butter lettuce, 1 head of bok choi, 1 head of tatsoi, a bunch of kale, a bunch of rainbow Swiss chard, scallions, oregano, and garlic scapes. Holy smokes. Guys. It’s so much food, and it’s so delicious!

Sorry for the poor quality photos! Didn’t have time or sunlight the day I picked them up to make these prettier photos!!

If you can find something like this near you, do it. I am over the moon that this food is grown about five miles away from where I live. Purchasing this helps support the local agriculture and local business. With everything happening in the country right now, all that we can do to support both of these things. 

So they say too, it makes a difference in your health when you eat foods grown locally. Locally grown and purchased foods are picked at peak ripeness, so you’re getting the best nutrient value from the foods when you purchase locally. This also means that you’re getting the best tasting foods, because they’be ripened “on the vine” so to speak, not in a box on the way to you. 

Buying locally also helps the environment and ensures that farms will continue to exist. In a time when we are concerned about how the earth is being treated, I want to do what I can to maintain my local environment. 

The other awesome thing about this is that I have a chance to try new foods – I don’t know about you, but I hadn’t ever heard of tatsoi – I’m excited to try it! And I had never had garlI’d scapes before either – I used one in my dinner last night in place of garlic (since I didn’t have any) – it has a slightly milder garlic flavor. 

If you live in the heart of a city and can’t find a CSA – I have no doubt you can find a farmers market! You could probably even find a community farm space and donate some of your time to tend the garden! 
What do you do to eat local? Do you grow your own food? Farmer’s Markets? If you live around the D.C. Area, let me know! I’d love to check out other ways to purchase locally!

If you live in Maryland, check out the Gorman Farm CSA. 


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