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Alternative Medicine

I know it’s been a long time, and it’s been a rough couple of weeks. Work has been stressful, and there’s just a lot going on. After taking a much needed break, I’m back!

So last we chatted, I was looking to see a digestive specialist, and I still am, but before I do (a doctor recommended to me has a long waiting list), I made an appointment with an alternative medicine iridologist. 

A friend read my previous post, and she told me she had another friend that had seen this iridologist and was seeing results based on the supplements the iridologist had suggested. So I figured, why not? 

Iridology is a fascinating science. So, much like in acupuncture, how there’s a map of the body on your feet and on your hand, it’s the same in your iris of your eye. Your iris reflects changes, disfunction, and even past trauma. It doesn’t specify disease, but can tell you where you are lacking nutrients in the body which can result in toxic build-up or lack of circulation. After looking at the iris, an iridologist can recommend supplements, lifestyle changes and herbs to help correct any issues he/she noted. 

Every person is different, so what is suggested for me will likely not be the same thing needed for someone else. But based on what the iridologist said, I have some issues with my colon and intestinal tract. I will be taking a couple of supplements to help clean out my colon, as well as adding probiotics into my supplement regimen again and digestive enzymes to help out my digestion. She also recommended supplements for adrenal support, as I tend to be stressed. Who would’ve guessed that? 

I’m going to give these things a try, but I am also going to schedule an appointment with a doctor. One step at a time, right? I’m so curious about how this will work, and I’ll be sure to update here. 

Anyone out there ever tried iridology? What was your experience?


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