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So I’m not going to lie to you guys.  I haven’t been posting lately because the latest update in this journey has felt like I got turned around on the path and ran backwards through about three years worth of progress.

If you remember, I went to see an iridologist a little while ago.  She recommended a couple of things for me to help with my digestion, and in turn, my skin.  One of these supplements was a B-vitamin complex to help with stress.  Normally, I actually don’t take extra vitamin supplements.  The vitamins I take daily I really like – they’ve been formulated, based on the average American person’s diet, to have the right amount of vitamins and minerals to get you to just the right amount you need to function well, no more, no less.  Usually, I don’t want to overload my system with extra when it comes to vitamins – you just end up peeing it all out anyway.  Despite all this, I took the vitamin-B supplement anyway.  Let me tell you… my pee was fluorescent yellow.  I mean bright as a highlighter.  And it smelled so funky.  After just a couple of days, my skin started to break out.  I kept taking it, thinking things would get better, but after about three weeks, I was dumbfounded.  My acne had gotten worse than it had ever been before.  I was waking up to new pimples every day, and the ones already there would only get worse during the day.  My neck and jawline were covered, and I was so beyond embarrassed.

I went on a trip to Colorado earlier this summer, and the night before I left, my friend who I was traveling with had come over, and we started talking about my skin.  Without knowing about the supplements, she asked if I was taking vitamin B, and when I said yes, she said, “that’s why.”  All it took was a Google search – it autofilled for me “vitamin b acne” is a top hit.  She had dealt with a similar issue, and it’s apparently pretty common.  Needless to say, I stopped taking it right away, and the ridiculous number of breakouts subsided.  I still breakout, I don’t know if I will ever escape them.

I also went back to using the face wash regimen, Exposed, that I talked about before.  It’s been a little over two months now, and finally, my skin is somewhat back to normal, or at least manageable.

During this “recovery” process, I had my annual check up with my dermatologist.  Naturally, she noticed something was wrong and asked what happened.  After I explained, she suggested I do a chemical peel.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, “this blog is all about healthy living and getting away from chemicals!”  Don’t judge me!  My skin was is a hot mess.  I was embarrassed to leave the house without trying to cover it all up somehow.  I needed to do something.

So I did it.  Trust me, I debated it quite a bit.  But in the end, my self-confidence and peace of mind were more important.

The peel was basically acid – and it burned.  A little bit like the feeling when you get your hair dyed, and it tingles a little…. but you know, on your face.  It was only for 10 minutes, then it was done.  My skin was red for just a couple hours, it calmed down pretty quickly that evening.

Within 2 days, I noticed a difference, I kid you not.  The hyper-pigmentation on my jawline and neck has definitely gone down.  Granted, it’s still there, and I’m still battling a couple of pimples, but it’s nothing compared to the issue prior.  I really amazed at how much my skin changed.  Things aren’t perfect, but I’m not nearly as embarrassed as I was a month ago.

Anyone else tried a chemical peel?  Anyone have some natural remedies to try to help get rid of the hyper-pigmentation?  I’m open to try just about anything!


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