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So last month, I explained the skin issues I’ve been dealing with.  I didn’t mention that I’ve also been dealing with an injury at the same time.  This injury started shortly after I got back from Colorado in June.  I went out running one day and had a terrible pain in the top of my foot – so bad I couldn’t walk properly for a few steps after I stopped running.  I was so scared I had a stress fracture… and so after much convincing from other running friends, I finally went to a physical therapist for an evaluation.

Basically, due to a lack of strength and flexibility in my ankle, the muscles are compensating in other ways and twisting the wrong way.  A common problem among runners is pronation, when the foot twists inward and puts too much pressure on the arches.  I actually do the opposite – I supinate, putting all the pressure on the outside of my foot.  All of this has resulted in the muscle that runs from the knee down to the ankle, across the shin, to be pulling away from the bone.  Yeah, ouch.  Please pardon my clear lack of anatomy knowledge – basically, the muscles and tendons pulling on each other when they shouldn’t be, and hence the pain in the top of my foot. So I’ve learned – if you have pain in one spot, that isn’t necessarily the origin of the pain.

What makes me most upset – this injury happened around the same time of year as the injury I had last year, involving my ankle and shin.  I now have more confidence in the idea that it is linked to flip flop season being in full swing by June.  And right now,  we’ve reached the hardest part of the season – it’s the easiest time to get injured since you’ve been working hard all summer!

I’ve been going to physical therapy for about 7 weeks now, and thankfully, the issue has become manageable.  I don’t experience any pain in my foot anymore, mostly just tightness in the muscle in my shin, especially when running on inclines/declines.  And thank goodness I’ve been getting better because I have to get into some semblance of shape for the race I have coming up!

I’m happy to say that I am going to cross another goal off my New Years list!!  I signed up for the Wineglass Half Marathon in Corning, NY.  While I know this race won’t be a PR, I’m excited that I’ll get another goal crossed off!  Recovery is long and steady road, but I’m hoping this winter, I can build my speed back up and PR for the Rock ‘n’ Roll in Nashville!!

Who else has goals left on their New Years list?  The best way to achieve your goals is actually to share them!  Once others know what you want to accomplish, it’s hard to back out of them!  What goals do you have left?


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