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GI Update

A couple weeks ago now, I had my colonoscopy and upper endoscopy procedure, and I have received the results from the biopsies and all that was done that day. With mixed emotions, I report that everything has one back as normal from that procedure. Much like the last time I had tests done, I didn’t really want to have any of the illnesses I was being tested for. But I was really hoping for some sort of answers or diagnosis so I could have a starting point to start getting better. At the moment, I’m happy that I don’t have a chronic issue to treat, but I’m back at square one again, and I’m just tired.If I’m being totally honest, I’ve been cheating quite a bit lately on what I eat. I think I’ve had more sugar in the last month than I’ve had the rest of the year combined. This time of year is the hardest to maintain a healthy diet too, what with all the Halloween candy, baked goods, Thanksgiving treats and Christmas cookies. I’ve let myself cheat a bit this month because it’s been an exhausting month. After eating a little too much Halloween candy, I’m going to try a Whole 7 or 14 to get a little back on track (so Thanksgiving will feel like a treat!) and mostly cut out these sugar cravings!

My doctor said that we can talk about IBS diets and how to move forward from here, now that we’ve eliminated the big potential causes for my troubles. I’m not all that excited for this, but hopefully this will pin-point problem foods for me so I can eat with these terrible symptoms!

Also, a friend of mine asked if I’ve heard of Leaky Gut – and I have. Anyone else out there dealt with leaky gut? Any tips on where to get started in alleviating symptoms of leaky gut? It’s an intimidating topic because there’s a lot out there, but not a lot of concrete answers. I’m always open to suggestions, at least to get me started! Any help would be much appreciated!


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