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Help me, friends!

These past few months have been hard ones, and it’s been a challenge to get myself to write about it, hence the very long hiatus from the blog. I’ve noticed something about myself that I am nervous to acknowledge publicly, but know that I need to share this so that friends can hold me accountable.

My number one goal when writing this blog was to connect with others who might be struggling with some of the same things I do, and help those people, ideally working through the struggles together.  It has also become a place where I vent some of my problems, share goals and successes, share some recipes, and educate others on one of my passions, essential oils. I do these things in the real world too (versus the online world) and I’ve noticed lately, that I’m having a hard time sharing and educating.

One specific, very recent experience comes to mind, when talking with a close friend about sugar.  I am very passionate about food, as if you didn’t know already ;). I hope to teach others to be mindful of the foods they’re eating, and I always encourage people to eat real foods. When it comes to sugar specifically, I always say, “If you’re going to have sugar, just eat the real thing. It tastes better, and your body can process it.” So in this instance, the conversation turned to artificial sugars, and suddenly, my friend called me out for judging others for their food choices, versus helping them make better choices.  Cue me being completely mortified.  This is probably my greatest fear when it comes to educating and sharing with others.  The last thing I want is for someone to feel that they are being judged.  My goal is to help people, not judge them.

I think the hardest thing for me to realize is that not everyone is as conscious of eating healthy or are as invested in natural wellness as I am. I know that I need to adjust my attitude when I speak to others who aren’t completely open to what I have to say.  This blog post is mostly a call (or plea!) to my friends, please help me to teach from a compassionate place, not judgmental.  Because I am publicly asking, I hope that you will not feel scared to call me out either! Teach me how to be a better teacher and listener!


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But I could never be a vegetarian… or could I?

I started this blog a little over two years ago, with a goal in mind: work through my skin and digestive issues, and share the journey, hoping to reach those those who are looking for solutions and answers. Well, after two and a half years, I don’t know if I have figured out the whole problem yet, but I have found some of the triggers that make things worse.  Something is better than nothing, right? Continue reading “But I could never be a vegetarian… or could I?”

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Homemade Almond Milk (and what to do with the pulp)

One of the first foods I changed when I started on this journey was replacing my milk with almond milk. Slowly but surely, I switched to the unsweetened almond milk, and now, I’m fully granola and make my own nut milk each week. A friend of mine asked me about it and said she had no idea how to do it! It’s super easy and trust me, it tastes probably 163x (give or take a couple times) better than what you get in the grocery store, plus! you know all the ingredients in it!

Continue reading “Homemade Almond Milk (and what to do with the pulp)”

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Spinach and Squash Soup (Vegan, Gluten Free & Whole30)

It’s my goal every year to get something green past my roommate’s lips. We joke about how picky an eater she is, and so I’ve made it my mission to get some healthy stuff in her every once in awhile.  A couple years ago, I hooked her with avocados and pistachios, and last year, I even got her to try brussel sprouts!  As this year is getting closer and closer to over, I was searching for a creative way to get her to eat something green. Thanks to my CSA share, I had a huge bag of spinach and some squash. After some Pinterest searching, I found the perfect way to get her to eat something green without having to chew it. Of course, I can’t take complete credit for the recipe, as it’s yet another one I’ve adapted from one I’ve found online. Thanks to Karina at for the base recipe.

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GI Update

A couple weeks ago now, I had my colonoscopy and upper endoscopy procedure, and I have received the results from the biopsies and all that was done that day. With mixed emotions, I report that everything has one back as normal from that procedure. Much like the last time I had tests done, I didn’t really want to have any of the illnesses I was being tested for. But I was really hoping for some sort of answers or diagnosis so I could have a starting point to start getting better. At the moment, I’m happy that I don’t have a chronic issue to treat, but I’m back at square one again, and I’m just tired. Continue reading “GI Update”

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Mediterranean Stuffed Eggplant (Gluten Free)

One of the best things about getting the CSA is that you get to be creative with the veggies you get.  Last week, I got three small eggplants and I had no idea what to do with them.  One week, when I only got one, I made a Chinese dish, 地三鲜, which is delicious, but I didn’t feel like making a whole Chinese meal again.  So I did some Internet searching, and came across a recipe for quinoa stuffed eggplant.  SOLD. Continue reading “Mediterranean Stuffed Eggplant (Gluten Free)”

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Well, poop (Part 2)

I’ve been stalling writing this post, mostly because I’m pretty nervous.  I mentioned before that I finally got an appointment with a GI doctor (thanks for the recommendations, I ended up choosing one you guys suggested to me that was within my insurance network!) and had my appointment a few weeks ago, just after getting back from Scotland. Continue reading “Well, poop (Part 2)”