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So…. tired….

Lately I’ve run into a pattern that basically amounts to me being too busy for my own good.  Unfortunately, my priorities are a little out of line and sleep seems to be what takes the brunt of the problem.  I don’t really want to admit how little sleep I’ve gotten over the past month because I know how bad it is.  Let’s just say I tend to see the later parts of the night and double digits on the clock more often than not.  (Thankfully though, I don’t see the single digits before going to sleep.) Continue reading “So…. tired….”

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Running Group Update

Hey there friends! So it’s been a crazy month / six weeks. Starting the new job, moving and joining the running group has made for a kind of ridiculous schedule. Thankfully though, things are starting to calm down and I’m settling into a new version of a normal schedule. Continue reading “Running Group Update”

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Essential Oils + Running

As you know from my first post, I started using essential oils because I was looking for natural remedies for my acne.  But the more I learned about the oils, the more I found I could incorporate them into more of my daily life.  As I began to develop my fitness routine, I began to add the oils into my pre and post running practice. Continue reading “Essential Oils + Running”

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You may have noticed that I took a short break from posting here last week.  Unfortunately, the busy-ness of January has carried over into February, and I’ve been having a hard time carving out some “me” time.

I met with my dietitian last week, and admitted that, despite no sugar, something was still not quite right.  I had been pretty “regular” (if you catch my drift) when starting out on the sugar free path, but about two weeks ago, something changed enough to throw everything off kilter.  While it probably doesn’t directly affect this issue, meaning, I don’t think a no sugar diet causes constipation, but I do think that no sugar has played a small part of this problem.  My dietitian mentioned that not only is the digestive system affected by the food you eat and amount of liquid you drink, but also other, more external factors, like movement/exercise, sleep, and stress can also cause problems.   Continue reading “Stress”

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Over the past two weeks, I’ve been a little too busy. I realized that I might have bitten off a little more than I can chew for the first month of the new year. Unfortunately, one of the many changes I made had to be cut, and sadly, it was my yoga practice. While the previous two months I was able to do two-a-days twice a week, I was having a hard time making myself do a second “workout” every day. I’m trying to figure out how to reorganize my day to put yoga back in, but for now, I’m taking a short break. Continue reading “Updates”

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One Month Down!

One month to go!

I am seriously dumbfounded that a month has gone by already.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I had a great day, eating myself into a coma.  My mom made some gluten-free stuffing that was probably the highlight of the meal for me.  I was sad that I was going to miss out on my favorite side dish, but thankfully GF bread exists (even though it costs nearly 3 times as much as a standard loaf of bread, and is half the size).  The whole meal was amazing, hence the eating myself into a coma part.  As was said several times that day, “The meal is not over when I’m full, the meal is over when I hate myself.”  Thank you, Louis C.K.  After last year, I wanted to indulge a bit more.  I may have gone a little overboard.  I think next year I need to find a happy medium.  Somewhere between satisfied and hating myself.   Continue reading “One Month Down!”

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Starting on the path…

For a long time, I’ve been considering starting this blog. Over the past two years, I’ve been on a journey to understand my health. I’ve suffered from cystic acne since I was about 11 years old (I’m 27 now) and despite all my efforts, couldn’t seem to be rid of it. I had countless conversations with people who would say “oh, I had acne until I was 18, but then it went away.” Or, “I had pretty bad acne for a long time, but it went away when was in my 20s, but I still get the occasional pimple, even now.”  Thoughtful, yes, but annoying.  The frustration was mounting over the past few years to understand acne. So, about two years ago, when one of my coworkers approached me to talk about essential oils, that was pretty much my turning point. I realized then that I wanted to take more control of my health, and this new opportunity to learn about essential oils was the perfect, empowering breakthrough. Learning about essential oils, I found natural remedies to help eliminate the pimples on my face. However, while I was healing some of the spots, new breakouts still kept coming. Again, the frustration to understand why I had these pimples in the first place was mounting. Long story short (for now), I found out that I have an intolerance for gluten. Of course, also in the course my journey of health, I have been figuring out eating healthy and exercising (while also not depriving myself of the deliciousness of desserts!).  The most important tool while following this path has been learning about self-love.  I’m calling this blog the journey to loving me, as all these steps to take control of my health have led me to understand how to love myself by taking care of myself.

I’m still learning about my health, and I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with others who may be on the same path. I relied (and still do) on a lot of blogs myself, to at least reassure myself that I’m not the only one out there feeling like this, so I hope I can be that to someone else.

Lots of love ❤