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New Years Goals 2019

Better late than never, right?

If you’ve been following along for awhile, you’ll know I post my goals for the year here. I like to do this each year for my own accountability. It’s been shown that when you write down your goals, you’re more likely to achieve them. And even further than that, when you share your goals with others, you’re more likely the achieve them. So hey, two birds, one stone by posting my goals here!

For my new friends, I like to say these are goals instead of resolutions, because it’s easier to track your success and you’ll feel more productive as you cross goals off your list. For example, instead of saying “get in shape” or “exercise more,” setting a specific goal like “go for a walk every Monday after work,” or “run in a race each month,” is actually something you can track. I also believe you should set goals that build on goals from the year before. Continue reading “New Years Goals 2019”

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Well, friends. It finally happened. I hurt my foot the other day while out for a 5-mile run. I’m not really sure how it happened, but I was out running, and felt a little twinge in my foot, but kept running anyway. It went away, so I figured it was nothing. That night, I was walking around town, and my foot hurt, but again, I just figured it was because I had run in the morning, and I was wearing flat sandals. On the next day, I went out for a 2-mile run, and when I got home, I could hardly walk it hurt so much. Continue reading “Injury”