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I can’t believe it.  Time flies by so quickly.  Two months ago, I committed to a new workout plan, and I started this blog to help document my health journey!  Two months doesn’t seem like that long, looking back.  But I remember when I printed out the workout schedule, I thought it was going to be the longest two months ever.   Continue reading “FINISHED”

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One Week Down!

Seven more to go!

As I explained briefly in the previous post, I started a new workout regimen at the beginning of the month. I actually created a hybrid calendar, using the two Beachbody programs I have (P90 and PiYo), here. It’s nice – I can enter how long I want to schedule this plan for, the programs I have, how often I want to workout, and if I want to build muscle mass, lose weight or focus on “total body.” When I did P90 last year,  Continue reading “One Week Down!”