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I can’t believe it.  Time flies by so quickly.  Two months ago, I committed to a new workout plan, and I started this blog to help document my health journey!  Two months doesn’t seem like that long, looking back.  But I remember when I printed out the workout schedule, I thought it was going to be the longest two months ever.   Continue reading “FINISHED”

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One Week Down!

Seven more to go!

As I explained briefly in the previous post, I started a new workout regimen at the beginning of the month. I actually created a hybrid calendar, using the two Beachbody programs I have (P90 and PiYo), here. It’s nice – I can enter how long I want to schedule this plan for, the programs I have, how often I want to workout, and if I want to build muscle mass, lose weight or focus on “total body.” When I did P90 last year,  Continue reading “One Week Down!”

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Halloween Run!

So over the past couple of months, my exercise regimen has taken a bit of a dive. (Part of the reason why I wanted to get this blog started! I need you readers to help keep me accountable!) While also amazingly enough, my running stamina has increased. No idea how that works but hey! can’t complain too much about the running ability!

This morning, I ran in the Orioles KidsPeace Trick-or-Trot 5k. This is actually the third year that I’ve done it, and today I ran my best time, 30:05, my mile average time was 9:19!!  This run is a blast! Continue reading “Halloween Run!”