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Happy New Year!!
First, apologies for the lack of updates recently. As I explained in my previous post about sleep, and what I’ll also detail below, I’ve had quite a bit going on. Here’s to a new year with more blog posts! Continue reading “Resolutions”

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One Year Later…

Hi Friends!!

So I realized the other day that it’s been about a year since my first post!  I’m coming up again on the Trick-or-Trot 5k with the Orioles, which was my first fitness post! Continue reading “One Year Later…”

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Baltimore Running Festival!

It’s here! Tomorrow is my first half marathon race. I’m kind of in awe that I’ve actually made it this far, and that I can cross off probably my loftiest goal/New Year’s resolution.

My goal is to finish the face under 2:30 – my Charles St. 12 race time was 2:00:05, but this race is supposed to be harder… so I’m hoping that’s a reasonable goal. Continue reading “Baltimore Running Festival!”

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Charles St. 12

Hey friends!! I have no excuses this time around. Sorry for neglecting you!

Earlier this month, I completed the Charles St. 12 race! This race was one of my goals for a very long time – if you had asked me in March if I were to be running it, I would have said, “HA, yeah, right.” I am still kind of amazed I finished it! I had thought about this race for the past two years as a goal race to shoot for and now, I’m so proud of myself for having done it! (And having signed up for next year!) Continue reading “Charles St. 12”

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Well, friends. It finally happened. I hurt my foot the other day while out for a 5-mile run. I’m not really sure how it happened, but I was out running, and felt a little twinge in my foot, but kept running anyway. It went away, so I figured it was nothing. That night, I was walking around town, and my foot hurt, but again, I just figured it was because I had run in the morning, and I was wearing flat sandals. On the next day, I went out for a 2-mile run, and when I got home, I could hardly walk it hurt so much. Continue reading “Injury”

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So I was surfing Pinterest this morning, a now typical-Saturday habit while I eat breakfast, and came across an article someone had pinned, 7 Things People Don’t Tell You About Exercise (or something like that). Well, I took the bait and read the post and realized there’s one point that really stands out for me. Continue reading “Problems”