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Crazy Talk

I think I might be going insane.

My brain is thinking strange new things.

I don’t think I ever thought I would say this in my life.  But I have added a new goal to my list for 2016.  I want to run a half marathon.

YUP.  You heard (read) right.

You know what starts to happen when you add fitness to your routine?  You love it and then you crave it.  And the cravings gets bigger, and you end up wanting to push yourself to new goals.

And then your mind goes into crazy mode.

You heard it here first.  The girl who abhorred running for 2/3rds of her life just said she is going to start training to run a half marathon.

(I’m not SO crazy to say I’m going to run a full marathon.  Not this year anyway.)

The Baltimore Running Festival has a Marathon, Half Marathon, Team Relay, 5k and Kid’s Fun Run, and it happens in October.  Which means that if I start in March, I have 8 months to prepare myself for 13.1 miles.


… right?

Silver lining though – this means I get to eat more.  And I love food.  Something to look forward to.


Anyone out there done a half marathon?  Any tips you have for me?  I’m going to start looking into training plans and get this train moving!



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