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Whole30 – Week 3

While reading the Whole30 book today, I found that my favorite part is the “what you’ll probably experience over the 30 days.”  I noticed that I have followed the pattern (a little) that is laid out in the book.  In it, it says probably around days 12-15, you will dream about food.

YUP.  I dreamt about food on about day 15.  and not even food I have all that often!  I dreamt about ice cream.  You know, when you get a brand new container, and the first scoop is always so satisfying to take?  Yeah, THAT was what I dreamt about.  Thankfully, that was only one night.  Otherwise, no dreaming of food.

The next stage is kinda the middle of the month stage – as described in the book as Tiger Blood stage.  You feel awesome, energized, cravings are under control, clothes fit better, the whole nine yards.

You know what – I just put the pieces together, and that’s actually true for me.  I have felt pretty awesome this week.  I’ve had energy out the wazoo and have felt super productive at work.  Running is still a bit of a struggle, but it seems to be getting easier.  I’m finding that I am running better in the evenings than I did on Saturday mornings, I think because I have more fuel from the entire day, versus just the fuel I take in just before the run.  On Friday night actually, I came home from work and ran 8.5 miles and felt fantastic.  I kept thinking, “if it weren’t so dark out, I’d go further.”  Now I just need to get that feeling on a Saturday morning!!

Also, probably my favorite thing about this whole thing so far – my skin is the clearest it has been in a really long time.  I am still amazed at it!

However, I am still struggling with my digestive issues.  Everything is much the same, sadly.  Still hoping for some improvement there, but it’s just a little over halfway there, so there’s still time for these issues to be resolved.

Anyone else doing January Whole30?  (and actually started on time?) It’s nearing the end, I’d love to hear from you on how it’s going, and any recipe ideas!!  I’m always game for new ideas!!


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