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Homemade Almond Milk (and what to do with the pulp)

One of the first foods I changed when I started on this journey was replacing my milk with almond milk. Slowly but surely, I switched to the unsweetened almond milk, and now, I’m fully granola and make my own nut milk each week. A friend of mine asked me about it and said she had no idea how to do it! It’s super easy and trust me, it tastes probably 163x (give or take a couple times) better than what you get in the grocery store, plus! you know all the ingredients in it!

Probably the most important thing you need is a high-powered blender. You could probably do it in a Magic Bullet, but it’ll depend on the quantity you need to make. I make 5 cups worth, so I need the big container of my Vitamix blender.

One thing I realized when I started making my own nut milk was how much I am obsessed with glass containers. Seriously obsessed. I can’t walk through the Target home section without contemplating getting more jars. Michaels is even worse.


I’ve gotten the obsession slightly under control… but I’m still on the hunt for a nice glass pitcher.

On to the directions, because this is barely a recipe!

Homemade Almond-Walnut Milk

1 cup raw almonds

1/2 cup raw walnuts

3 cups water, for soaking

5 cups filtered water, to make milk

Place almonds, walnuts and 3 cups of water into large jar (I use a large mason jar). Leave to soak for at least 6 hours, if not overnight. After soaking, drain the water and rinse the nuts. Place rinsed nuts into blender and add 5 cups of filtered water. Blend on high for at least two minutes. Pour milk and pulp into nut milk bag (I recommend Ellie’s Nut Milk bag) or cheesecloth, and squeeze the milk from the pulp. Pour into your favorite glass container to store in the fridge.

That’s it!

The milk will likely separate when in the fridge – just shake it up before you use it and it’ll be fine. It will last a week, so long as you don’t put it in the door of your fridge – keep it nice and cold in the back.

Super super easy! I love making it myself, and you’ll taste the difference right away (and you’ll be hooked).

Now… what to do with the leftover pulp? Probably my favorite thing to make is Rachel’s Good Eats cashew cookie skillet. Her recipe calls for almond flour – and the pulp you have left over is exactly that. And what you have left over should be a little more than 1 cup (the walnut pulp is practically nonexistent). I highly recommend trying it. OR if you would rather have fruit instead of chocolate, you can make the apple skillet cake I posted about.  Also a winner, and absolutely delicious! If you don’t want something sweet, then try these almond flour crackers. I haven’t tried them yet, but making crackers is what I plan on trying next.  I’ve got a couple of batches of almond pulp in my freezer, so I’m going to have to give these a try.


Let me know if you make any of these recipes and tell me what you think.  I have a feeling you’ll say something like, “wow this almond milk is amazing!” and “it tastes so much better than what I buy in a carton at the store!”  and “that was so easy to make!” Can’t wait to hear from you friends!


**If you want to purchase Ellie’s Nut Milk bag, reach out to me via email,, and I’ll direct you to a great website with fantastic deals on products to lessen your home’s footprint.


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